3 Popular Dive Sites We Go During Leisure Dive

Kota Kinabalu Diving - 3 Popular Dive Sites We Go During Leisure Dive. If you are new here and you are looking for information about kota kinabalu diving or maybe leisure diving trip in Kota Kinabalu, you've come to right place.

Leisure diving is scuba diving adventure trip for licensed divers. If you havent got any diving license yet, you can join diving by enrolling into Discover Scuba Diving trip so you can dive until maximum depth of 18 meters.

So, where to we go for leisure dive / fun dive? Here's the list.

Dive Site #1: Clement Reef

Why Clement Reef? This dive site has most unique marine life compare to others. During your dive, you will see a lot of plate corals, whip corals, brain corals, a lot of barrel sponges and a lot of reef fishes such as fusiliers, parrot fish, anemone fish.

You will also see some jackfish, tuna, crocodile fish and lot of cuttlefish around this area. Clement Reef located just behind Sapi island. Maximum depth is 23 meters (some divers said maximum depth is 26 meters during high tide).

Dive Site #2: Eel Garden

As to it's name, you will see a lot of garden eels when you go scuba diving in this dive site around 13 meters to 18 meters. Eel Garden located in west side of Gaya island, facing Clement Reef behind Sapi island. This dive site has sandy bottom.

Other than that, you will see some goby fish, pipefish and several marine life in crustaceans species such as crab, lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, krill, barnacles brine shrimp, copepods, ostracods and mantis shrimp.

Other than small marine life, you will also able to see some stone fish and school of barracudas passing by. Eel Garden is popular dive sites for Deep Dive elective specialty during our PADI Advanced Open Water Course Kota Kinabalu.

Dive Site #3: Ron Reef

Located in frontal section of Sapi Island, Ron Reef is popular dive site for us to guide new PADI Open Water Course participants during their dives to make them see the beauty of underwater world in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which is only about 15 minutes boat ride from Kota Kinabalu city center.

Here in Ron Reef you will see some turtle, a lot of sea fans, which will give you a beautiful view when diving underwater. Sea fans create a colorful - as they to produce calming presence while you're scuba diving in the area.

For you Kota Kinabalu diving needs, you may contact Go Aquatic dive team so we can arrange your dive trip during chosen date. Fun dive or leisure diving in Kota Kinabalu is always available, as long as you contact us early about 5 days in advance for a booking.

See you in a dive trip!


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